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I design shirts for the PodCast, Grown Dad Business with Aaron Kleiber


Design | Illustration

Video Production | Motion Graphics

KidZilla | Politickin

This video was a bit of a challenge, with only phone video footage and a clip from YouTube.  I had little to work with so I am proud of how this turned out, take a gander.

Visual Poem | What Is Life?

This was solely based on my nephew and a poem he wrote.  I created icons and  typography in motion to tell his story.  Though short, it is an example of work that I am proud of, I would love to revisit this again. 

Twerk Safer | Music Video Commission

A music video I was commissioned to do for a DJ friend of mine, DrGoo.  I directed, filmed and edited this composition, some scenes I added digital compositing (one being the licence plate).  We were going for a  semi-playful horror humor feel, I believe we accomplished just that.  It was a fun project, and I learned a lot.


Before the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force changed their name, I made this ad for their Find It, Beat It, Treat It campaign.  This project was great to dive in and animate for a cause.  If I were to do another I definitely would choose to incorporate more traditional animation.

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